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Collaborative Tech Talent Community

Scouta connects hiring teams and top talent at the world's fastest-growing companies

  • Search for local or remote talent

  • Access talent recently in process with another company

  • No public spreadsheets, candidates control their data

Get referrals from recruiters and hiring managers

Hiring teams at great companies share the talent they can't hire, Scouta matches these actively searching candidates to your open roles.

  • Get alerted when you have a candidate match

  • Get recruiter/hiring manager notes on each candidate

  • Get quality reference data from ex-colleagues of your candidates

Delight the candidates you didn't hire

Scouta helps companies provide a better experience to their candidates. Invite the talent you didn't hire to Scouta so they can get matched with another company they actually want to work for.

  • All done from within your existing ATS

  • Candidates avoid starting with an application form at the
    next company

Reducing wastage in recruiting

Growing companies spend time and resource building a pipeline of talent, but only 1% of candidates get hired. Scouta combines the sourcing efforts of hiring teams at great companies to reduce duplicate effort.

  • Free to use

  • Keep your existing workflow

  • Candidate control their data/privacy