Unique candidate insights for recruiters

Learn about your candidates in 5 minutes what usually takes 6 months to uncover.

References re-invented

Skip the box-ticking exercise of reference checks and instead, get a verified 3rd-party analysis of your top candidates based on the data provided by people that have worked with them in the past.

Reveal what resume's don't show

It typically takes working with a candidate to uncover their soft
skills (and areas of weakness), now you can get an insight
to candidate soft skills and gauge team fit.

Identify the right candidates before the interview

Find out character traits, strengths and growth areas and stack-rank your candidates before your team interviews them.

Behavioural profiles

Get a detailed analysis of characteristics like Leadership, Flexibility, Bias-to-action, Remote readiness and more...

Skill verification

Candidates can put any skill keyword on their resume, Scouta reveals the skills that your candidates demonstrated in their previous roles.

Plays with your existing tools

Don't change your teams workflow, get your candidate insights right inside your ATS.