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Level-up your Candidate Experience: The Top of the Funnel

by Paulina Girke (part 1/3 in our article series on candidate experience)

"Candidate Experience" has become a popular buzzword, but it's only going to become an increasingly important factor in attracting great people to your company in the 2020's. Starting with awareness, through to selection, hire and onboarding; there are a few reasons the candidate experience is more important now than it's ever been:

  • The War for Talent continues - competition for top talent is intense. Demand > Supply has flipped the job application model
  • It's never been so easy for candidates to share their opinions with others
  • More buying decisions now based on employer brand, means now more than ever, candidate experience can impact your bottom line

Did you know...

Let's do something about it. 🤜🤛

4 Tips to Improve the Top of Your Recruiting Funnel

The candidate experience starts long before your first point of contact with the candidate: When they are being introduced to your company- the awareness stage. Here are a few tips to make a great first impression...

#1 Job ads: Seek to stand out and show your personality

72% of hiring managers say they provide clear job descriptions - only 36% of candidates agree (Lever)

On average candidates will spend just 14 seconds deciding whether to apply for a role or not. So, keep your job ad simple, clear and specific. Avoid copy-pasting bullet points from other job ads. You want to stand out. Show the candidate what makes you unique! 💥Boost your job ads with some lively video content💥 Don't be generic - be interesting.

Here's a great example:

#2 Death to Traditional Application Forms 🔫

According to studies, 25% of candidates don't complete an application due to lengthy and complex application forms. Nobody likes forms. Kill the traditional application form.

Instead, think like a digital marketer: capture the candidate's interest at the top of the funnel and and let them add more detail later.

Also, it seems like a no-brainer but, make sure your candidate has the option to do all of this on their phone. Candidates are increasingly applying on the go. People should be able to express interest in joining your company wherever they are, on whatever device.

More than half of your applicants will do their job search from their phone.

#3 Thanks for your interest in...😴💤

Make sure you send a confirmation email... but don't sound like a robot. Inject some personality in it, even in an automated email and give the candidate some call to action. You might want to use this as an opportunity to give them further insight into your company culture, or attach a few links to the company's social media account to keep them busy researching your company. Remind them who you are!

A) Typical Auto Confirmation:

❌ Incredibly boring.

❌ Could have been written by any company.

❌ No information on hiring process.

❌ Provides nothing interesting about the company.

❌ Last sentence hints towards the candidate not getting the job.

B) More Personal Auto Confirmation: 

✅ Context & personality.
✅ Provides unique information about company.
✅ Further links & attached videos - Easy access!
🔍 Could provide more feedback on further hiring process.
(e.g. when to expect a response)
🔍 Could have a more catchy headline.
(e.g. Your Compass application is on its way 🎉 Want to know more?)

#4 Hire a robot


With around 250 applications for knowledge-based roles, screening is the most time-consuming part of the recruiting process; yet recruiters can only spend 5-7 seconds on each application 😱! Clearly this leads to...

  • Great candidates slipping through the cracks
  • Recruiter bias and lack of diversity (looking for people that fit the mold)

So, screening is an obvious step in the recruiting process where robots can help, and sometimes do a better job than us humans. The last two years have seen a wave of AI tools enter the market to improve screening.

Here are a few tools to help:

  • Spend more of your time on the most relevant applications with tools like AllyO,and XOR to detect and filter out candidates that are clearly not a good fit.
  • Reduce bias and increase diversity of your shortlisted candidates with tools like Interviewing.io, Blendoor and Unbias.io.
  • Look at pre-screening solutions like Ideal to stop candidates from even entering your process if they are not going to be a fit...clearly a much better experience for these candidates too. We don't want to waste anyone's time.

Ok, we've covered some tips for the top of the funnel from awareness to screening. In Part 2 we'll cover creating a great interviewing experience for your candidates.

Stay tuned 👇