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Scouta was founded in late 2019 by Stuart Hunter and David Smyth, based on their learnings from building and growing large product and engineering teams...

We've experienced the challenges of building and scaling large teams in fast-growing technology companies. So much time and resource goes into building candidate pipelines and finding the right person for each role...yet the vast majority (>95%)
of candidates in the pipeline don't get hired, and simply get discarded at the end
of the process 😢. And every growing company is doing this!

Not only is this duplicated effort and clearly inefficient for companies, but talented candidates reach a dead-end if they're not hired in a recruiting process.

We believe that by pooling the sourcing efforts of these companies, we can reduce this inefficiency and improve the candidate experience at the same time.

Recruiters and hiring managers want more data than can be shown on a CV. We're enabling recommendations of candidates who were great, but not quite hired and facilitating transparent references from candidates' ex-colleagues.

For great candidates, we want to make it easier to leverage your past performance both in hiring processes and on-the-job, to get your next role 💪.

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